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Friday, June 19, 2009

Avoid Email When It Matters

The age of non-communicating communication began many years ago with the introduction of the answering machine. We all placed calls we didn't want to and prayed for the machine to pick up so we wouldn't actually have to talk to the person. To this day we still "screen our calls". If you call my home in the evening chances are you'll get the machine.

The introduction of email was a blessing and a curse. You never have to actually speak with anyone anymore if you don't want to. Email, instant messaging, texting, Twittering, Blogging and online social pages (Facebook, Myspace, etc) have completely taken over. Who really ever uses their cell phones anymore to TALK???

Unfortunately, all of this instant and hassle free communication comes with a price. We lose touch with the personal side of friendships so easily. And the worst thing that happens; you send an email intended to be friendly, the recipient misunderstands your intention, and the #%$@ hits the fan.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE EMAIL. I love instant messaging. I love Facebook. I appreciate the fact that I can take my time, gathering my thoughts, typing in just the right words to get my point across, perhaps saving the draft to re-read before I actually send it or post it. However, when it is all "typed and done" the recipient cannot possibly hear the "tone behind the words".

Has this ever happened to you? You send an email to a friend, relative or acquaintance intended to be friendly. The email is received and completely misunderstood. Your friend interprets your email as a written attack instead of what it was intended to be: a simple statement of the facts. Maybe they are having a bad day, perhaps just had a fight with their significant other or boss. Whatever the reason, the damage is done. Had your communication taken place over the phone your friend would have heard the warm tone of your voice, the giggles and laughter underneath. Now that it is "typed and done" the damage is irreversible. The result, a scarred friendship that may never recover.

So, if you are communicating with someone who matters, do yourself a favor. Take a few of your valuable minutes and pick up the phone. Just hope that the person you are calling isn't "screening".

CENTURY 21 Ditton Realty Named in Top 10

CENTURY 21 Ditton Realty has been ranked in the top 10 real estate offices in the Sierra Nevada by CENTURY 21. Scott Runtzel and Julie Gerken have been named in the top 100 agents in the Sierra Nevada for their outstanding sales performance in May.

Other honorable mentions for their sales productivity in May include: Laurie Humphries, Alan Murray, Melissa Buller, Jessica Rubottom, Kandi Papike, Jacque Hohweiler, Janet Wheeler, Bob Watt and Theresa Williams.

Way to go!!