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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Two Days of Sunshine and Two Nights of Snow

It's that unpredictable time of year...just when the sun is coming out and the blooms are taking over the yard gold ole Mother Nature throws us a curve, reminding us that she can't be second guessed.
Just last weekend I was walking around the yard in short sleeves strategizing my spring and summer flower beds and vegetable garden. The weather forecast assured me of mostly sunny skies and temps in the mid sixties for at least a week.
"Ha!" Mother Nature laughed.
So we awoke Monday morning to gray skies and rain. Then, BAM!! We awake the next two mornings to snow and freezing temperatures. (So glad I didn't de-winterize all of my water lines!!) I can only imagine that the meterologists are scratching their heads and shrugging their shoulders.
So, this mountain girl is gritting her teeth in frustration while loading up the woodstove with plenty of oak. I can only chant in my head "Spring, Spring, Spring" while dreaming of rose buds and wisteria blossoms.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Daylight Savings is Right Around the Corner

It always brightens my mood at this time of year when the days start to get longer and the sun is still up when I leave the office at the end of the day. It seems that everything is gearing up for spring. The grass is thick and green, the wildflowers are starting to bloom, and the frogs have moved back into my pool to begin their annual mating rituals. Ahhhhh!!
I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone to "Spring Forward" this weekend, March 14th. Be sure to set your clocks ahead 1 hour!!