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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cooler Weather For Remainder of Week

The National Weather Service is calling for high temperatures in the low to mid 70's and lows in the 40's for the rest of the week due to a low pressure system moving through California. This system will bring us more rain and thunder storms with snow levels dropping to approximately 8,000 feet by Saturday.

If you are planning on visiting the high country over the next week take plenty of warm clothing and be prepared for any and all types of weather.

Credit Card Users Beware of Gottschalks???

I am pasting a copy of an email received a few moments ago into this article. The email is regarding using a credit card at the local Gottschalks location in Oakhurst.

"I am sending this out as a general precaution. Monday I used a credit card at Gottschalks that was declined a few moments later at Raleys. Since then my card, although I still have it in my possession, has been used at a gas station in Coarsegold, Taco Bell in Oakhusrt, and a WalMart (not sure where) as well as a couple other places. I don't understand how this could happen, but it did--so maybe beware of using a card at Gottschalks? "

This could be the result of a disgruntled employee angry at the Liquidator's or just some dishonest person. In any event, it would probably be a wise idea to use cash if you are going to shop the Gottschalks liquidation sales.