Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What's Your Line?

Some thoughts about memorizing and using planned and practiced verbiage [“scripts.”]

Do we frequently talk to people who “know” their verbiage [scripts]? You bet!

Earlier today I was lying in bed planning my day when I began thinking about “planned scripts” and, really how I might already be trained as a checker at Von’s or Raley’s or any supermarket fro that matter!

Now as I approach the check stand I read the checkers name badge and I say:

“Hi Ann,
How are you today?
I found everything that I was looking for,
Oh, you are out of Gillette Trac 2 razor blades but then I’m good for a couple of days anyway,
Today I would like plastic bags.
Yes, I would like to purchase one additional reusable cloth bag and use the one I brought with me.
I would like to donate $1.00 of my change to “Beat Breast Cancer” or for whatever the cause Du jour’.
I did donate out front to the Salvation Army,
No, I am not going to take one of those cute “Supermarket kitty’s” home today but they sure are cute!
I noticed the “$5.00 Friday” special at the deli counter and I took advantage of it!
The “15% off Special” at the laundry is very much appreciated, especially on my “medium starched” shirts.
By the way, how much of a discount do I get on gasoline today?
How long is my discount valid?
How many gallons am I allowed to purchase at that discounted price?
May I fill more than one car if I can’t get the 180 gallons in one car gas tank?
Yes, it has really cooled off I guess summer is over but then it is always hot for the BIG Fresno Fair!
I think I’ll attend the horse races this year.
I had a great summer,
I did not spend a lot of time at the lake but
I did go out of town.
I was able to work out of town because I took my computer with me.
Real estate is unbelievable right now!
Do you know anybody who would like to buy or sell now or in the near future?
We close about one transaction every day.
The prices are lower than a couple of years ago, although
I notice that you have “thousands of lower prices everyday” here also!
Oh, no need to bag the milk Ann,
However I would like the steaks and chicken in separate plastic bags
And please “double bag” the bottles of wine, in paper bags of course.
Oh, and only one wine bottle to a “double bag” please but then you know that don’t you, sorry!
I noticed that I saved $5.87 by using my Von’s card,
And I saved $76.34 by using coupons, Thank you!
Thank you for the kitty food coupons, yes I notice that are “good for 5 days,”
I’ll not forget to retrieve my coins of the coin dispenser,
I will not require any help to my car, thanks for asking though.
See you next time Ann!”

I am out the door and on my way!

Super market checkers go through this spiel literally hundreds of time a day! They know their “lines”, heck you even know their lines!

I frequently drive through Carl’s Jr. in search of a “large iced tea” on a hot summer day.
Without fail, every, every, every time when I drive up to the speaker to order they say:

“HI! Thanks for stopping at Carl’s Jr.! Would you like a Teriyaki chicken sandwich, fries and GO BIG on that drink today?” Not once in a while, every time! I hate Teriyaki!

When you dine out and ask the waitress for a “doggie box” because you could not finish the 13 pound hamburger; as the waitress removes your plate what does she always ask??? You know, go ahead…say it:

“Did we leave any room for desert today?”

Duh! Even when she watched you pig out and knows you ought to have your stomach pumped just so you can to get to your car! But the point is that she asks every time, not just once in a while! Why? Because they do sell cheesecake, carrot or chocolate cake “to go” and these items are “huge mark up” items! (Huge markup = bigger profits =more money available to reinvest into their business or put into their saving account)

“The answers are in the questions” so they ask questions.

The supermarket checker asks, the waitresses ask, the drive through attendant asks, the car dealer asks. They are all trained to ask and to continue to ask questions to keep the sale going. They use these successful techniques on you and me everyday. If we use this technique with our clients we will keep our sales going as well. Not knowing what to say is no good and uncomfortable. Let’s learn the verbiage [scripts.] Soon these lines will roll right our tongues, our question asking techniques will be smooth, purposeful and successful! Take the time to learn the scripts!