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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fire Season is Officially Here

Don't let all of the Spring snow and rain fool you into a false sense of security...mountain area grass, weeds and brush have exploded in growth in just a few days of warm weather; add drying conditions and heavier summer traffic on local highways and what do you get?????  Yep, wildfires.  We had our first wildfire of the season today.  Local residents were dragged back to reality by the sight of spotter planes, bombers and choppers flying overhead, all while sniffing the air for the undeniable odor of smoke.  So, remember, despite the deluge of moisture we received through Spring....the party is over.  Summer is upon us and, with the hotter temps, the need to be fire safe.


  1. It is pretty clear that we're not experiencing the usual 'summer season' anymore. And indeed, the temperature's getting hotter these days, so we need to be prepared to avoid fire and other fire-related accidents.

  2. People should also be aware that changes in the climate occur from time to time… regardless of what season you are in. My advice is to always be alert, dutiful, and prepared for any and all circumstances.